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Experts Address e-Records Legal Issues

ECURE 2001 Conference
October 12-13
Arizona State University


Have student privacy and digital intellectual property been compromised on college campuses by hackers and unauthorized system users? Can click streams be used as evidence of these incursions? How can institutions identify, retain and protect their digital information assets? You can ask the experts at ECURE 2001, an interdisciplinary conference hosted by Arizona State University.

Attorney Ken Salomon of Washington, D.C. will address emerging digital copyright legislation, while Donald Skupsky of Information Requirements Clearinghouse will review legislation and legal precedents on admissibility of electronic evidence. Kathleen Kimball, the network security officer for Penn State University, will examine security policies and solutions for enterprise level systems. Richard Rainsberger, representing the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), will describe how insecure student information systems can lead to violations of federal law.

Clifford Lynch, executive director of the Coalition for Networked Information, will present the keynote address, and Peter Hirtle of the Cornell Institute for Digital Collections will offer closing remarks. Other prominent speakers from the United States and Canada will examine the preservation of websites, e-mail management and the development of trustworthy information and record keeping systems.

ECURE 2001 features presentations and small group discussions with twenty of North America's top experts in information security, digital archiving, and electronic records management. ECURE is scheduled for October 12-13, 2001 in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Registration materials and information about group discounts are available at

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