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Women's Collections Roundtable Meeting Minutes


August 12, 2009 - Austin,TX

August 27, 2008 - San Francisco, CA

August 3, 2006 - Washington, D.C.

August 18, 2005 - New Orleans, Louisiana

August 5, 2004 - Boston, Massachusetts

August 22, 2003 - Los Angeles, California

August 23, 2002 - Birmingham, Alabama

Meeting Minutes - August 12, 2009 - Austin, TX

Women's Collections Roundtable Annual Report 2008-2009
Co-Chairs: Danelle Moon and Kelly Wooten
Annual Meeting: 5:30-7:30, August 12, 2009, Austin, Texas

Annual Meeting Minutes:
The WCRT convened at 5:30 with 17 members and 10 additional panel attendees. WCRT and LAGAR co-sponsored a panel presentation that included Kelly Kerbow Hudson, Nikki Thomas, and English Professor Lisa Moore. The session provided collection highlights from the Benson Latin American Collection and from the UT San Antonio "Women & Gender Project," as well as a very interesting discussion on how scholars use archival resources.

The business meeting followed the panel. The Program Committee representative, Nancy Beaumont, gave a brief presentation on the 2010 conference. Following her talk, the members/attendees introduced themselves and we discussed the continuation of the currant co-chair leadership, which was approved. In addition, we passed a resolution to elect two vice-chairs, as a means to mentor new roundtable leaders for 2010-2011.

Leadership for 2009-2010:

  • Danelle Moon, San Jose State University: Co-Chair
  • Kelly Wooten, Duke University: Co-Chair
  • Cassandra (Cassie) Schmitt, University of Oregon: Vice Chair
  • Meghan Lyon, Duke University: Vice Chair

We also talked about developing a WCRT blog that we could use to publicize events, exhibits, new collections, lecture series, and so on. The Chairs/Vice Chairs will work on developing a blog platform, with basic rules that we can use to improve communication. In order to create a diverse blog, we talked about using the membership list to request individuals to write a brief summary of a specific collection, initiative, exhibit, etc. We need some feedback from the membership list to confirm interest in the blog and solicitation of contributors. In the meantime, we will begin to work on developing a blog for the roundtable, and will send out notification when it is complete (late September or early October).

2010 SAA Panels:

We discussed various panel presentation ideas for SAA 2010 (Washington, D.C.), and we heard from the program committee on the scope of the conference and deadlines. We have not received any proposals to endorse, but we are confident that we will have at least one panel if not two that we can endorse in October.

WCRT offers its sincere thanks to LAGAR for co-sponsoring the panel presentation.

Meeting Minutes - August 27, 2008 - San Francisco, CA

Women’s Collection Roundtable Annual Report 2007-2008
Co-Chairs: Anke Voss and Doris Malkmus
Annual meeting:  5:30- 7:30, August 27, 2008, GLBT Historical Society San Francisco, CA

The WCRT convened at 5:30 with 29 members and attendees.  Members introduced themselves and gave announcements about women’s collections at their institutions and at large.  The meeting was attended by many of the processing archivists at the Schlesinger Library at Harvard University.  The Schlesinger received generous funding to process collections and to make the records of women’s lives available to researchers. 
An election for the position of chair was held and Danelle Moon of the San Jose State University was elected chair of the WCRT by acclaim.  Kelli Wooten also volunteered to serve as co-chair.

The new rule requiring roundtables to have a minimum of 50 members was discussed with council representative, Aimee Felker.  (WCRT's official Council representative, Diane Vogt-O’Connor, was unable to attend). The roundtable discussion focused on concern that minority interest roundtables are necessary because of small numbers.  Aimee Felker indicated that under current rules, roundtables with fewer than 50 members can appeal to council, reporting activity within the roundtable, and the importance of SAA support of an important, if small, group. 

No proposals for session topics were received to date, the SAA deadline is October 8.  Anyone wanting endorsement of a proposal should send the proposal to Danelle Moon (  by October 1.

The program began with Karen Offen, feminist scholar of French history, providing a brief presentation on the International Museum of Women (virtual museum, archive, interactive website).  She was followed by feminist labor historian, Glenna Matthews, who discussed researching working-class women beginning in the 1960s to the present.  Discussion and a reception followed. 

WCRT offers its sincere thanks to the GLBT Historical Society for their hospitality.  It has been a pleasure to co-chair the WCRT over the last two years.  Our best wishes to Danelle Moon and Kelly Wooten in their new positions as co- chairs.

Doris Malkmus, Penn State University  (co-chair)
Anke Voss, Champaign County Historical Archives, The Urbana Free Library (co-chair)
Danelle Moon, San Jose State University (chair-elect)
Susan Earle, Schlesinger Library
Cat Holbrook, Schlesinger Library
Jill Jackson, Schlesinger Library
Mark Vassar, Schlesinger Library
Johanna Carll, Schlesinger Library
Jenny Gotwals, Schlesinger Library
Stacey Flatt, Schlesinger Library
Laura Peimer, Schlesinger Library
Rhonda Chadwick, Simmons College
Jesse Nachem, Simmons College
Stephanie Schmotz, Purdue University
Janice Ruth, Library of Congress
Ellen Broidy, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute
Joan Ariel, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Joan Torykian, Berkeley, California
Heather Fox, Filson Historical Society
Rachel Miller, Center for Jewish History
Cassie Schmitt, University of Oregon
Nancy Kushigian, Armenian Women's Archive
Kathy Kraft, Schlesinger Library
Kelly Wooten, Sallie Bingham Center, Duke University
Beth Ann Koelsett, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Women Veterans Project
Ferranda Perrone, Rutgers University
Angela Manella, State Archives of Ohio, Ohio State Historical Society
Glenna Matthews, University of California-Berkeley
Karen Offen, Stanford University, Clayman Institute

Meeting Minutes - August 3, 2006 - Washington, D.C.


Women’s Collection Roundtable Meeting
SAA Annual Conference
Washington, D.C.
August 3, 2006


Kate Colligan, Univ. of Pittsburgh and Ellen Swain, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (co-chairs); Jennifer King, Mount Holyoke; Arlene Schmuland, Univ. of Alaska Anchorage (program committee liaison); Heather C.D. Davis, Univ. of Washington; Paula Aloisio, Schlesinger Library; Johanna Carll, Schlesinger Library; Lucinda Manning, Greenwich CT Historical Society; Fernanda Perrone, Rutgers Univ.; Susan Woodland, Hadassah; Danelle Moon, San Jose State; Anke Voss, Urbana Free Library, IL; Sarah Keen, Cornell Univ.; Jennie Benford, Carnegie Mellon Univ.; Amy Rudersdorf, North Carolina State Univ.; Jan Blodgett, Davidson College; Sarah Quigley, University of Texas Austin; Ellen Brown, Baylor Univ.; Tomaro Taylor, Univ. of South Florida Libraries; Tanya Zanish-Belcher, Iowa State Univ.; Rebecca Johnson Melvin, Univ. of Delaware; Lisa Mangiafico, Soroptimist International of Americas; Wanda Finney, Wilson College; Alexandra Gressitt, Thomas Balch Library; Susan R. Watson, American Red Cross; Rosemary Cundiff, Utah State Archives; Renee Braden, National Geographic Society; Heidi Marshall, Columbia College Chicago; Peggy Glowacki, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago; Jodi Berkowitz, Duke Univ.; Kelly Wooten, Duke Univ.; Christie Lutz, Princeton Univ.; Susan Earle, Schlesinger Library; Curtis Lyons, Virginia Commonwealth Univ.; Andrea Sheehan, QVC; Kathy Jacob, Schlesinger Library; Janice Ruth, Library of Congress, and Doris Malkmus, Pennsylvania State Univ.

After a short presentation by the Program Committee liaison, Kate Colligan introduced the meeting program speaker, A’Lelia Bundles, who spoke on Research Adventures from the Civil War to the Harlem Renaissance. A'Lelia Bundles, author of On Her Own Ground:  The Life and Times of Madam C. J. Walker, currently is immersed in the 1920s and wakes up each morning to an office full of letters, newspaper clippings, audiotapes, books, photographs and memorabilia as she reconstructs the life of her great-grandmother for her new biography, JoyGoddess: The Fabulous A'Lelia Walker and the Harlem Renaissance. For A'Lelia Bundles, there is nothing quite like the rush of opening a Hollinger box and discovering a juicy historical tidbit or inhaling the faint smell of mildew in the pages of an old journal as she learns about four generations of the women in her family. She looks forward to sharing research adventures that have taken her from Howard's Moorland-Spingarn Collection and Yale's Beinecke Collection to the Library of Congress and and the living rooms of several octogenarians and nonagenarians.

After the fascinating presentation, Colligan announced that Anke Voss and Doris Malkmus are the new WCRT co-chairs and Amy Rudersdorf is the web liaison. Colligan and Swain thanked them for their willingness to take over the leadership of the group. The meeting was adjourned at 6pm.

Submitted September 15, 2006.

Meeting Minutes - August 18, 2005 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Women's Collection Roundtable Meeting Minutes
SAA Annual Conference
New Orleans, Louisiana
August 18, 2005

Present: Jennifer Schaffner, UCLA; Andrea Sheehan, Educational Testing Service (ETS); Tom Dillard, University of Arkansas; Fernanda Perrone, Rutgers; Sarah Keen, Cornell; Susan Tucker, Tulane; Linda Blaser, NARA; Linda Daniel, Duke; Susan Woodland, Hadassah; Curtis Lyons, Virginia Commonwealth; Margaret Jessup, Smith; Megan Guglielmi, University of Maryland; Rebecca Johnson Melvin, University of Delaware; Jennifer Gunter King, Mount Holyoke College; Kathryn Jacob, Radcliffe; Janice Ruth, Library of Congress; Cristela Garcia Spitz, University of Pittsburgh; Jennie Cole, Princeton; Janna Robinson, University of Maryland; Susan Watson, American Red Cross; Cassie Pyle, University of Pittsburgh; Susan Malbin, IMLS; Jessica Lacher-Feldman, University of Alabama; Melissa Smith, Tulane; Marilyn Morgan, Radcliffe; Marna Gerrand, Georgia State University; Johanna Carll, Radcliffe; Anke Voss, Illinois Wesleyan University; Kate Colligan (Co-chair), University of Pittsburgh; and Ellen Swain (Co-chair), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Kate Colligan (Co-chair) called the business meeting to order at 4pm. After speakers made announcements concerning the SAA diversity committee and 2006 program committee, Anke Voss reported on an SAA publication opportunity she is pursuing concerning the state of women’s collections and archives across the globe. The work will be an edited reader comprised of chapters from international authors. If interested in more information, please contact Anke at

Ellen Swain (Co-chair) reported that in March 2005, SAA provided all roundtables with listserv capabilities. The WCRT listserv can be used to post announcements from leadership and members, discuss women’s collections issues, and foster collaboration among members.

Since 2002, Sarah Keen has served as the WCRT web liaison. She hopes to turn over this responsibility to another member and serve the RT in other capacities. We thank Sarah for her great work for and dedication to WCRT!

Ellen Swain reported that WCRT members from Illinois and Iowa met at the Midwest Archives Conference in Chicago in April to discuss a pilot project that would update IL and IA holdings in Andrea Hinding’s 1979 women’s collections guide.

Kate Colligan provided an overview of the discussion at the WCRT Working Group meeting held the previous day, Wednesday, August 17. The meeting focused on brainstorming for 2006 SAA session proposals and on discussing the possibility of a women’s collections pre-conference half/full day workshop at SAA 2006 on administration issues. Themes for sessions included: collecting on the political right; hidden women’s collections in political, literary, and family archives; documenting and using material culture to understand women’s experience; and traveling exhibits. Issues discussed for the workshop included: donor relations and funding; grant writing for women’s collections; regional collecting, and collecting policy. Kate Colligan will circulate a more detailed list of proposal and workshop ideas after the meeting.

After the business meeting concluded, Susan Tucker provided an excellent program on documenting southern food ways which included discussion of the work of the Newcomb Center for Research on Women at Tulane University. Attendees were treated to samples of creole cream cheese and meat.

The meeting adjourned at 5:30pm.

Submitted by Ellen Swain
August 24, 2005

Meeting Minutes - August 5, 2004 - Boston, MA

Meeting Minutes - August 22, 2003 - Los Angeles, California

Women's Collection Roundtable Meeting Minutes
SAA Annual Conference
Los Angeles, California
August 22, 2003

Present: Valerie Brown, Kate Colligan (co-chair), Kathie Burger Johnson, Sarah Keen (webmaster), Regina Lark (speaker), Janice Ruth, Meagan Sniffin-Marinoff (SAA Council liaison), Ellen Swain (co-chair), and Tanya Zanish-Belcher.

The Women's Collections Roundtable (WCRT) met on August 22, 2003 from 4:45pm-6:15pm at the SAA Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Following Co-chair Kate Colligan's welcome, Co-chair Ellen Swain introduced speaker Dr. Regina Lark, graduate advisor for the UCLA Center for the Study of Women and UCLA Women's Studies Program. Lark's presentation, entitled "Striking Gold at the National Archives: My Search for Japanese War Brides," outlined her research findings and described her quest for archival and other sources.

After Lark's presentation, attendees introduced themselves and made announcements concerning upcoming events and other projects. Tanya Zanish-Belcher provided background information about the WCRT on-line membership directory, which was complied in the early 1990's as a networking means for all interested in women's collections and history. Attendees considered whether to update this resource or to connect to and utilize Loyola University's mapping project which provides much of the same information and is up to date.

Colligan discussed the need to change administration of the WCRT listserv. Currently the listserv set up requires Colligan to subscribe and unsubscribe participants manually. To eliminate this time consuming process, the RT co-chairs will look into a "self-subscribing" listserv option.

Valerie Brown updated attendees on Loyola University's "mapping the world" project concerning women's history repositories and collections. To date, eighty repositories are included in the resource. Brown also reported on the recent meeting of the National Council for Research on Women, a group comprised of professionals from women's centers and organizations across the country. The meeting stressed the need for archivists and librarians to collaborate and become aware of what each group is doing in the field. Attendees discussed a possible joint meeting between the American Library Association and SAA librarians and archivists on women's collections.

Webmaster Sarah Keen mentioned recent changes to all SAA websites. Keen has added a new rotating photograph attraction to the WCRT site. She implored attendees to send, via email attachment, photographs from their institutions to add to the rotation. Attendees discussed content for the website, including: a membership list, meeting minutes, announcements and events (with the option to submit online), internet resources on women's history/collections, information on grants and fellowships, and a possible link to Loyola's mapping project.

The group ended the meeting by discussing session proposals for SAA 2004 in Boston. Colligan encouraged attendees to use the WCRT listserv to continue to exchange ideas before the October proposal deadline. She also encouraged submitters to contact the co-chairs for WCRT endorsements. Last year, WCRT endorsed four proposals.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15pm. Members of the WCRT, Women Archivists Roundtable and Women's Caucus met for dinner after the meeting.

Submitted by Ellen Swain

Meeting Minutes - August 23, 2002 - Birmingham, Alabama

Present: Co-chair Kate Colligan, University of Pittsburgh; Sherree Bonaparte, National Museum of the American Indian; Rebecca Hankins, University of Arizona; Julia Hendry, University of Illinois @Chicago; Kathryn Allamong Jacob, Schlesinger Library; Lauren Kata, Wayne State University; Sara Love, Athens State University; Lucinda Manning; Fernanda Perrone, Rutgers University; Elizabeth Russey, Union Theological Seminary; Janice Ruth, Library of Congress; Mattie Sink, Mississippi State University; Alison Stankrauff, Wayne State University; Ellen Swain, University of Illinois @ U-C; Susan Watson, American Red Cross; Susan Woodland, Hadassah; Kathy Young, Loyola University; and Tanya Zanish-Belcher, Iowa State University.

Megan Sniffin-Marinoff, Schlesinger Library, attended the meeting as SAA Council liaison. Co-chair Katherine Fleming was unable to attend SAA.

Co-chair Kate Colligan welcomed the group and indicated that she would lead the meeting in the absence of Katherine Fleming who was unable to attend. She announced that Ellen Swain will serve as co-chair for 2002-04, and Sarah Keen will serve as web manager for the Roundtable. Colligan alerted the Roundtable to an oral history mapping project, conducted by staff at the National Women's Oral History Database at the City University of New York. She and the group had questions concerning the construction of the project's questionnaire that will need to be addressed. She also raised the possibility of establishing a Roundtable listserv and upgrading the website.

SAA Council liaison Megan Sniffin-Marinoff invited members to contact her with questions and concerns for Council. She discussed the work of the SAA Task Force on Electronic Publications which is looking at how SAA groups communicate. She encouraged the group read and respond to its draft statement.

In the absence of Valerie Brown, Kathy Young reported on Loyola University's project to produce a directory of women's collections and repositories. Now documenting women in the second wave of feminism, the project received 58 responses from its initial survey. Only 19 of the 58 responses are from "women centered" repositories. Currently, staff is seeking funding to continue the project. The Roundtable also discussed the advisability of updating and automating the women's manuscript and archives guide produced in 1977. Members discussed the possibility of taking on this project as a Roundtable activity. Colligan asked Kathy Young to provide her with an outline of the project for consideration.

Each attendee introduced herself to the group and provided a brief description of projects and/or activities in her archives.

Janice Ruth, co-chair of the SAA Program Committee 2003, encouraged the Roundtable to submit session proposals to the committee. She discussed the theme of the conference and provided an overview of the submission guidelines. The Roundtable also discussed the usefulness of email discussion about session proposals prior to the SAA conference. Speaking as a member of the Program Committee and of the Roundtable, Ruth mentioned that Program Committee membership would be receptive to women's collections session proposals.

The Roundtable opened discussion concerning possible session proposals. Suggestions included sessions focusing on the Schlesinger Library's 60th anniversary; activities of the Women's History Museum in DC and/or the National Women's Conference in Houston, Texas; and western women writers' collections. Colligan will contact SAA about setting up a listserv after the meeting so members can continue session proposal discussions.

Guest speaker Lola Hendricks of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute did not attend the meeting. Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Ellen Swain - September 15, 2002

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