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Annual Reports:

           2009 Report to SAA Council
           2008 Report to SAA Council
           2007 Report to SAA Council
           2006 Report to SAA Council
           2005 Report to SAA Council
           2003 Report to SAA Council
           2002 Report to SAA Council

Meeting Minutes:

           2008 Meeting Minutes
           2007 Meeting Minutes
           2006 Meeting Minutes
           2005 Meeting Minutes


      Summer 2010
            Summer 2009
            Summer 2008
            Summer 2007
            Summer 2006
            Summer 2005
            Summer 2004
            Summer 2003
            Summer 2002
            Summer 2001
            Summer 2000

STHC annually produces a newsletter Archival Elements, with sections on projects, institutions, special topics, and roundtable business. Copies of the most recent newsletters are available electronically (see links above).
For newsletter information or to send a submission contact:

Liz Phillips, STHC Newsletter Editor
University of California, Davis
Special Collections
General Library, UC Davis
100 North West Quad
Davis, CA 95616-5292
Phone: 530-752-9869

Leadership Handbook
An informal guide to assist the co-chairs in how the roundtable is operated.

Other Resources:
HIPAA Resource Page
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