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EAD Working Group
Report to the Technical Subcommittee on Descriptive Standards
August 2000

Compared to the furious pace of the previous two years, the EADWG has had a relatively quiet 1999-2000. A meeting was held in Pittsburgh on 29 August 1999 primarily to discuss future governance of EAD and the pressures for internationalization. The consensus of the group was to broaden the international membership of the WG, but that SAA should maintain governance at least until a more fully international model presents itself. To that end, membership of the WG has shifted around a bit-some of the players remain the same, but there are some new faces. More international representation is needed, and that issue is being worked on. The current membership roster is attached.

In the spirit of internationalization, a quick proposal to the Delmas Foundation netted us the funds to send three WG members to England for the Public Record Office's European EAD Users Day in late October 1999 (SAA paid the expenses for a fourth representative from NCLIS funds). The meeting was attended by approximately 90 archivists from fourteen countries. We want to support the growing interest in EAD in Europe, and as is often the case, simply being able to put faces to the names assists the dialogue.

EAD publications continue to sell well. The SAA Publications Director reported that as of the end of June, SAA had sold 1239 copies of the Tag Library, 711 copies of the Application Guidelines, and 345 copies of EAD: Context, Theory, and Case Studies. The Tag Library was made available online at the LC EAD web site last October, and we will consider making the Guidelines available online as well. The documentation is currently being translated into Spanish (via a grant from CLIR) and into French. Teresa Brinati will be attending the ICA meeting in Seville in September, and will take along a stack of EAD publications to sell.

The EAD workshop also continues to be popular. Since the last SAA annual meeting the workshop has been presented six times, two of which were co-sponsored by regional archival associations (NEA and NWA), and one for the Texas Archival Resources Online project. Three workshops will be held this fall, one of which is offered in conjunction with the joint MAC/MARAC meeting in Cleveland. During the last year Daniel Pitti held three sessions of his week-long EAD workshop at the University of Virginia Rare Book School.

The Council on Library and Information Resources has taken a renewed interest in EAD. A group of German archivists secured funding for a joint project, for which CLIR is supporting participation by a group of US archivists. While a portion of the project revolves around EAD, a better understanding of descriptive practices from both perspectives formed the basis of discussion for the first meeting, which was held in June.

I am very pleased to report that the NHPRC has funded a proposal from SAA to support activities of the WG for two years. The grant monies will allow the WG to hold a two-day meeting each year for the next two years. Since we don't have to worry immediately about funding, in the coming year the WG will establish a mechanism for soliciting suggestions for change and updating the DTD, work on Version 2.0 and revise the Tag Library, revamp the official EAD Web site, and continue to pursue international contacts.

Kris Kiesling
Chair, EAD Working Group

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