Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000
From: "Meissner, Dennis"
Subject: DCMES vote

TSDSers, et al---

By my count, the voting members (appointed and ex officio) of TSDS favor adoption of DCMES by a very large majority. Following is the explanatory message on the subject that I intend to submit to Lisa Weber, barring compelling objection. Feel free to comment back to this List as you feel moved to do so.

And thanks to all for lively and useful discussion that informed this decision.


The Technical Subcommittee on Archival Description encourages SAA to vote YES to accept NISO Draft Standard Z39.85-200x, the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set.

In doing so, TSDS recognizes the value of DCMES as a very small set of high-level data elements that can be applied to any document possessing informational content for basic resource discovery purposes in a multidisciplinary environment. Archival documents--whether collection materials or descriptive surrogates--have such content. The DCMES enhances our ability to make them discoverable in an environment that they increasingly share with myriad and disparate cultural resources. Therefore, we should urge the adoption of DCMES as a standard.

We urge acceptance of DCMES with the clear understanding that it cannot adequately describe archival resources in all their richness and complexity. As always, the archival profession will continue to develop other metadata schemes that satisfy specific resource discovery and description needs not accommodated by this standard.