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Report for TSDS, August 1999

The Canadian Committee on Archival Description (CCAD) met four time during the last year. The Committee members concentrated their energy on various activities and reports.

The Canadian Committee on Descriptive Structure Standards and the old CCAD were amalgamated, and the new revamped CCAD is now responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of data content standards, data structure standards and data value standards in Canada.

CCAD member are supervising the drafting of the RAD Basic Primer that Wendy Duff et al. are writing. The final draft of this document is expected by the Fall 1999.

CCAD prepared a survey on the implementation of RAD and other descriptive standards. The survey sought to gain a better understanding of the basic problems in the application/implementation of RAD. The results of the survey will be published in the next issue of Archivaria.

The communication plan is now in place and CCAD is very pleased with the results. The committee has regional contact in each Provincial/Territorial council/association. Their reports will help the committee have a better understanding on the implementation and the interpretation of RAD, and will keep CCAD informed of the different activities that are undertaken by the councils/associations.

The CCAD will meet this November to review requests for revisions to the existing rules The committee's other meetings will be devoted to the revisions of the appendices and the glossary, developing a new chapter for electronic records, and preparing a new edition of RAD. The committee is also testing XML markup language to create an electronic version of RAD that will be available on the web, reviewing the EAD guidelines for possible endorsement as a standard, and investigating the issue of authority control

The CCAD continues to be interested in collaborating with our American colleagues and continuing to pursue the principles envisioned in the "Toronto Accord."

Wendy Duff
Chair, CCAD

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