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TO: Kris Kiesling, Chair, SAA Standards Committee
FROM: Dennis Meissner, Chair, SAA Technical Subcommittee on Descriptive Standards (TSDS)
DATE: August 16, 2000
RE: 1999/2000 TSDS Annual Report

Following a year that bustled with standards-related work, the 1999-2000 cycle saw only moderate activity. In fact, half of TSDS's work during the year, though related closely to descriptive standards, had nothing to do with evaluating formal proposals.

Anticipating the possibility of another slow-to-moderate year on the standards front, TSDS will be considering how it can best use the time to educate itself for work that it may be called upon to perform in evaluating the draft manual that will be produced by the Canadian-U.S. Task Force on Archival Description, if that initiative is funded. Some sort of deeper study of the Canadian Rules for Archival Description will be in order.

On a related note, the chair wishes to reaffirm the value of last year's decision by SAA to send a TSDS representative to Ottawa to attend the November 1999 CCAD meeting. This was a very useful exercise, and one appreciated by the CCAD hosts; it should, if possible, become an annual event.

Two changes occur with regard to the appointed committee members as the year ends. Dennis Meissner has accepted reappointment to a second term, and will continue as chair for one more year. Bradley Westbrook, UC San Diego, has been appointed to a three-year term, to fill the seat vacated by Nicole Bouché earlier this year. In addition, the SAA president needs to fill an ex officio slot, since Michael Fox will no longer be serving as liaison to CC:DA.

Following are brief summaries of the activities in which TSDS members participated during the period since the 1999 SAA meeting.

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