Technical Subcommittee on Descriptive Standards

SAA Annual Meeting, Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles

Wednesday, August 20, 2003, 1:00-4:00 PM

Room: TBD




1:00-1:15 Welcome and Introductions


        Council Liaison to Standards Committee: Jackie Dooley

        Standards Committee Chair Diane Vogt-O'Connor

        Incoming TSDS Chair: Brad Westbrook

        New TSDS Member (2003-2006): Adrian Turner


1:15-2:00 Reports and Discussion


        ICA/CDS (Michael Fox)

        MARBI (Michael Fox)

        CC:DA (Susan Hamburger)

        CCAD(written report)

        EAD Working Group (Kris Kiesling)

        SAA Description Section (Brad Westbrook)

        RLG Liaison (Anne Van Camp)

        OCLC Liaison (Susan Westberg)


2:00-2:45 Old Business


        TSDS annual report for 2002/2003

        Descriptive Standards portion of SAA Standards For Archival Work


2:45-4:00 New Business


        CUSTARD Project Discussion: Status quo; future U.S. directions; likely products and outcomes; maintenance issues

        2004 SAA program session ideas

        Other tasks for coming year

        Other business ??