Society of American Archivists

Technical Subcommittee on Descriptive Standards

Annual Meeting, Wednesday, August 21, 2001, 1:00-3:00 PM

Sheraton Birmingham Hotel



Introductions and Opening Remarks

TSDS Chair: Lynn Holdzkom

Council Liaison to Standards Committee: Jackie Dooley

SAA Program Committee 2003: Michael Fox

Standards Committee Chair: Diane Vogt O’Connor

New Members: 2001-2004 cycle

Stephen Mielke, University of Texas at Austin

Lynn Holdzkom (continuing)

New Incoming Chair: Dennis Meissner, Minnesota Historical Society


TSDS Report: Lynn Holdzkom

Ex Officio and Liaison Reports

MARBI: Michael Fox

ICA: Michael Fox

CCAD: Bob Krawczyk (unable to attend, but sending information)

EAD Working Group: Kris Kiesling

SAA Description Section: Mary Lacy

RLG Liaison: Anne Van Camp (unable to attend, but sending handouts)

OCLC Liaison: Susan Westberg

CC:DA: Susan Hamburger


New and Continuing Business

OAI Report: Chris Prom

Walch review: Diane Vogt O’Connor

TSDS Review of CUSTARD: Discussion with Jean E. Dryden and others

(Kris Kiesling, Bill Landis, Michael Fox, Lynn Holdzkom) involved in CUSTARD
Other Planning for 2002-2003 Cycle?