Society of American Archivists

Technical Subcommittee on Descriptive Standards

Annual Meeting, Wednesday, August 28, 2001, 1:00-3:00 PM

Washington Hilton and Towers, Bancroft Room







Introductions and Opening Remarks



  • Council Liaison to Standards Committee


Richard Pearce-Moses


  • Standards Committee Chair

Kris Kiesling (outgoing),

Diane Vogt O’Connor (incoming)



  • New Members: 2001-2004 cycle
    • Susie Bock, Univ. of Southern Maine
    • Chris Prom, Univ. of Ill, Champaign-Urbana
  • New Incoming Chair:  Lynn Holdzkom




Ex Officio and Liaison Reports



  • CC:DA

Susan Hamburger



Michael Fox


  • Canadian Committee on Descriptive Standards

Bob Krawczyk


  • EAD Working Group

Kris Kiesling


  • SAA Description Section

Bill Landis


  • RLG Liaison

Anne Van Camp


  • OCLC Liaison


Susan Westberg


New and Continuing Business



  • New Host for SAACAIE ListServ

We have lost our lease at ASU and need a new home.


Dennis Meissner


  • Descriptive Standards Handbook:  Maintenance


Brad Westbrook


  • Preparations for TSDS Review of CUSTARD

Discussion re how best to prepare ourselves so that we can effectively critique the draft manual that will come out of the CUSTARD project.  Bob and Kris will begin the discussion by summarizing the work of the project committee to date.


Dennis Meissner

Bob Krawczyk

Kris Kiesling


  • Other Planning for 2001-2002 Cycle?