Summer 2002  

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Can business continuity practices ensure long-term access to your vital information? Can institutions support initiatives like homeland defense while protecting the privacy of their patrons? What technologies, ethical standards, and laws affect our ability to retain and access the curricular and research materials of colleges and universities? You can ask the experts at ECURE 2002!

David Sobel, General Counsel of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, will kick off ECURE 2002 with an overview of the constantly changing landscape of privacy law and ethics. A panel of experts will discuss with the audience the ethics of information access and practical efforts to accommodate a range of opinions and interests.

Clifford Lynch, Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information, returns to ECURE with his unique insights into balancing access with privacy, commerce with culture, and technological capacity with creative freedom.

Other ECURE speakers will describe their successes in identifying, retaining, and maintaining valued electronic assets:

  • Nancy McGovern of Cornell University will review the progress of Cornell's Prism project for preserving Web content.
  • John Phillips of Information Technology Decisions will present strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of electronic records management programs.
  • Taylor Surface, of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) national library network, will describe the main points and response to the OCLC/Research Libraries Group (RLG) Attributes of a Digital Repository Report.

Standards for describing and storing electronic records are essential for data interchange and long-term preservation. An interdisciplinary panel of experts will discuss the prospects for developing, implementing, and maintaining standards-based solutions.

Join us for ECURE 2002 on 9-11 October 2002 in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Registration materials and program information are available at . º

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