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AA #69:2 American Archivist
Volume 69 · Number 2

American Archivist

Volume 69 • Number 2 • Fall/Winter 2006


Gallery of Contributors


From the Editor

Mary Jo Pugh

Case Studies

Accessioning as Processing
Christine Weideman

Getting More for Less: Testing a New Processing Model at the University of Montana
Donna E. McCrea

Special Section on A*CENSUS (Archival Census & Education Needs Survey in the United States)

Part 1. Introduction

Part 2.  A*CENSUS: A Call to Action

Part 3.  A*CENSUS: A Closer Look
            Vicki Walch

Part 4. Graduate Archival Education
            Elizabeth Yakel and Jeannette Bastian
Part 5. Continuing Education
            Nancy Zimmelman
Part 6. Diversity
            Brenda Banks
Part 7. Leadership
            Susan Davis
Part 8. Certification
            Anne Diffendal


Reviews (PDF)

Martin Nakata and Marcia Langton, eds., Australian Indigenous Knowledge and Libraries
Reviewed by Karen J. Underhill

Ross Harvey, Preserving Digital Materials
Reviewed by Karen F. Gracy

Antoinette Burton, ed., Archive Stories: Facts, Fictions, and the Writing of History
Reviewed by Richard J. Cox

James Aho,  Confession and Bookkeeping: The Religious, Moral, and Rhetorical Roots of Modern Accounting
Reviewed by James M. O’Toole

Bernadette G. Callery, Collaborative Access to Virtual Museum Collection Information: Seeing Through the Walls
Reviewed by Deborah Wythe

Maria Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, A Visual Artist's Guide to Estate Planning

Magda Salvesen and Diane Cousineau, eds., Artists’ Estates: Reputations in Trust
Reviewed by Amy Rule

A Prisoner in the Garden: Opening Nelson Mandela’s Prison Archive
Reviewed by Margaret Hedstrom

Ann Cvetkovich, An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures
Reviewed by Michael Doylen

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