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American Archivist 69:1 American Archivist
Volume 69 · Number 1

American Archivist

Volume 69 • Number 1 • Spring/Summer 2006


Gallery of Contributors


From the Editor

Images and Initiatives
Mary Jo Pugh

Presidential Address

Embracing the Power of Archives
Randall C. Jimerson

Theodore Calvin Pease Award

Sound Practices: On-line Audio Exhibits and the Cultural Heritage Archive
Ian Craig Breaden


An Obligation of Trust: Speculations on Accountability and Description
Laura Millar

Archives, Power, and History: Dunbar Rowland and the Beginning of the State Archives of Mississippi (1902–1936)
Patricia Galloway

Political Democracy and Archival Development in the Management of Presidential Records in the Republic of Korea
Kyong Rae Lee

Building Preservation Environments with Data Grid Technology
Reagan W. Moore

“The old version flickers more”: Digital Preservation from the User’s Perspective
Margaret L. Hedstrom, Christopher A. Lee, Judith S. Olson, and Clifford A. Lampe

Digital Preservation Education: Educating or Networking?
Wendy M. Duff, Amy Marshall, Carrie Limkilde, and Marlene van Ballegooie

Reviews (PDF)

Richard Pearce-Moses, A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology
Reviewed by Geof Huth

Mary Jo Pugh, Providing Reference Services for Archives and Manuscripts
Reviewed by Nora Murphy

Trudy Huskamp Peterson, Final Acts: A Guide to Preserving the Records of Truth Commissions
Reviewed by Joel Wurl

Elizabeth H. Dow, Creating EAD-Compatible Finding Guides on Paper
Reviewed by Susan von Salis

Susan Swan, What Casanova Told Me
Reviewed by Carol Ellis

Kathleen D. Roe, Arranging and Describing Archives and Manuscripts
Reviewed by Susan E. Davis

Robert F. Berkhofer III, Day of Reckoning: Power and Accountability in Medieval France
Reviewed by Ellen Garrison

Archives: Record Keeping in Society
Reviewed by Ben Alexander

Frank Boles, Selecting and Appraising Archives and Manuscripts
Reviewed by Timothy L. Ericson

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