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Volume 68 • Number 1 • Spring/Summer 2005

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From the Editor

The President Speaks
Philip B. Eppard

Presidential Address

Building Our Own “Iron Curtain”: The Emergence of Secrecy in the American Government
Timothy L. Ericson

Theodore Calvin Pease Award

Diaries, Online Diaries and the Future Loss to Archives; or, Blogs and the Blogging Bloggers Who Blog Them
Catherine O’Sullivan

Reconsidering Archival Classics

Lester J. Cappon and the Relationship of History, Archives, and Scholarship in the Golden Age of Archival Theory
Richard J. Cox


Chatting Up the Archivist: Social Capital and the Archival Researcher
Catherine A. Johnson and Wendy M. Duff

Catholic Social Action at Work: A Brief History of the Labor Collection at The Catholic University of America
Joseph M. Turrini

William J. Barrow: A Remembrance and Appreciation
John A. Church


Carrie Russell, Complete Copyright: An Everyday Guide for Librarians
James S. Heller, The Librarian’s Copyright Companion
Tim Padfield, Copyright for Archivists and Users of Archives

Reviewed by Peter B. Hirtle

Richard J. Cox, No Innocent Deposits: Forming Archives by Rethinking Appraisal
Reviewed by Terry Cook

To Preserve and Protect: The Strategic Stewardship of Cultural Resources
Michael F. Brown, Who Owns Native Culture?

Reviewed by Bernadette G. Callery

Jeannette Allis Bastian, Owning Memory: How a Caribbean Community Lost Its Archives and Found Its History
Reviewed by Amy Cooper Cary

Michael J. Kurtz, Managing Archival & Manuscript Repositories
Reviewed by Daria D’Arienzo

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Council Meeting Minutes, August 3–7, 2004

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