American Archivist


Volume 67 • Number 1 • Spring/Summer 2004

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From the Editor

Enriching our Archival Literature
Philip B. Eppard

Theodore Calvin Pease Award

Trusting Archivists: The Role of Archival Ethics Codes in Establishing Public Faith
Glenn Dingwall

Reconsidering Archival Classics

Jenkinson’s Writings on Some Enduring Archival Themes
Terrence M. Eastwood


Title Company v. County Recorder: A Case Study in Open Records Litigation, 1874–1918
Dwayne Cox

Avoiding the Golden Fleece: Licensing Agreements for Archives
Nancy E. Loe

The Use of Convent Archival Records in Medical Research: The School Sisters of Notre Dame Archives and the Nun Study
Gari-Anne Patzwald and Sister Carol Marie Wildt

Review Essay

Negotiating the Visual Turn: New Perspectives on Images and Archives (PDF)
Joan M. Schwartz


Richard J. Cox, Vandals in the Stacks? A Response to Nicholson Baker’s Assault on Libraries
Reviewed by Paul Conway

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