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American Archivists 66:2 American Archivist
Volume 66 · Number 2

American Archivist


Volume 66 • Number 2 • Fall/Winter 2003

Gallery of Contributors

From the Editor

Archival Literature—Old and New
Philip B. Eppard

Presidential Address

Archives or Assets?
Peter B. Hirtle

Reconsidering Archival Classics

New Respect for the Old Order: The Context of the Dutch Manual
Peter Horsman, Eric Ketelaar, and Theo Thamassen


Frost on the Walls in Winter: Russian and Ukrainian Archives since the Great Dislocation (1991–1999)
George Bolotenko

Off the Wall and into a Drawer: Managing a Research Collection of Political Posters
Susan Tschabrun


Richard J. Cox and David A. Wallace, eds. Archives and the Public Good: Accountability and Records in Modern Society
Reviewed by Roy Rosenzweig

Joan M. Schwartz and James R. Ryan, eds., Picturing Place: Photography and the Geographical Imagination
Reviewd by Jennifer A. Watts

John Newman and Walter Jones, eds., Moving Archives: The Experiences of Eleven Archivists
Reviewed by Ellen Engseth

Carolyn Steedman, Dust: The Archive and Cultural History
Reviewed by Joel Wurl

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