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Volume 63 • Number 1 • Spring 2000

Presidential Address

Meeting the Challenge of Contemporary Records: Does It Require a Role Change for the Archivist?
Luciana Duranti

Special Section: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Records Program of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)


The Beginnings of the NHPRC Records Program
Frank G. Burke

The Concept of a National Records Program and Its Continued Relevance for a New Century
Richard A. Cameron

The NHPRC in the New Records Age
Ann Clifford Newhall

Insights from the Outside: The NPHRC at Twenty-Five
Paul McCarthy


Looking at Archives in Art
Barbara L. Craig and James M. O'Toole

We Are What We Collect, We Collect What We Are: Archives and the Construction of Identity
Elisabeth Kaplan

Appraising Public Television Programs: Toward an Interpretive and Comparative Evaluation Model
Thomas Connors

Official Publications at Texas A&M University: A Case Study in Cataloging Archival Material
Beth M. Russell and Robin L. Brandt Hutchison


Burke, Research and the Manuscript Tradition
reviewed by Sara S. Hodson

Kissel and Vigneau, Architectural Photoreproductions: A Manual for Identification and Care
reviewed by Tawny Ryan Nelb

Korbin, Beyond the Textbook: Teaching History Using Documents and Primary Sources;
Australian Archives, Celebrations in Our History: Teachers Resource Book,
Coulson and Crawford, eds., Archives in Education

reviewed by Marcus C. Robyns

Richmond, ed., "Pioneering New Frontiers": An International Exploration of Current Initiatives in Business Archives
reviewed by M. Stephen Salmon

Vincent, The Culture of Secrecy: Britain, 1832-1998, and;
Theoharis, ed., A Culture of Secrecy: The Government Versus the People's Right to Know

reviewed by Tom Nesmith

Society of American Archivists

Council Meeting Minutes, August 23, 1999
Council Meeting Minutes, August 28, 1999

Volume 63 • Number 2 • Fall 2000



The SAA as Sisyphus: Education Since the 1960s
Fredric M. Miller

The Society of American Archivists and Graduate Archival Education:
A Sneak Preview of Future Directions

Luciana Duranti

Archival Research: the University of British Columbia Experience
Terry Eastwood

Archival Research: A "New" Issue for Graduate Education
Anne Gilliland-Swetland

Research and Reality Checks:
Change and Continuity in NYU's Archival Management Program
Peter J. Wosh

REPORT: Survey of Archives and Records Management Graduate Students At Ten Universities in the United States and Canada
David A. Wallace

The Future of the Past:
A Survey of Graduates of Master's-Level Graduate Archival Education Programs in the United States

Elizabeth Yakel

Archivistics Research Saving the Profession
Eric Ketelaar

Archival Training in a Changing World
Angelika Menne-Haritz

Collaborative Research Models: A Review of Australian Initiatives
Sue McKemmish

The Society of American Archivists and Graduate Education: Meeting at the Crossroads
Richard J. Cox

The Imperative of Challenging Absolutes in Graduate Archival Education Programs: A Challenge for Educators and the Profession
Terry Cook

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