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American Archivist


Volume 62 • Number 1 • Spring 1999

From the Editor

Pondering the Archival Image Thing
Philip B. Eppard


Information Culture and the Archival Record
Steven Lubar

The Archival Image in Fiction: An Analysis and Annotated Bibliography
Arlene Schmuland

"Green" Archivism: The Archival Response to Environmental Research
Todd Welch

Integrated Archives and Record Management Programs at Professional Membership Associations: A Case Study and a Model
Stephen C. Wagner

Life with Grant: Administering Manuscripts Cataloging Grant Projects
Susan Hamburger

The Indiana University Electronics Records Project Revisited
Philip C. Bantin


Warner, Diary of a Dream: A History of the National Archives Independence Movement, 1980-1985
Reviewed by Ian E. Wilson Lewis

Cartographic Encounters. Perspectives on Native American Mapmaking and Use
Reviewed by John A. Fleckner

Ketelaar, The Archival Image: Collected Essays, and The Concept of Record: Report of the Second Stockholm Conference on Archival Science and the Concept of Record
Reviewed by Tom Hyry

Cohen, ed., Reference Services for Archives and Manuscripts
Reviewed by Kathy Marquis

O'Toole, ed., The Records of American Business
Reviewed by Michael Moosberger

Blouin, gen. Ed., Vatican Archives: An Inventory and Guide to the Historical Documents of the Holy See
Reviewed by James M. O'Tool

Darrah, The World of Stereographs, and Henisch and Henisch, The Photographic Experience 1839-1914: Images and Attitudes, The Painted Photograph 1839-1914: Origins, Techniques, Aspirations; and Positive Pleasures: Early Photography and Humor
Reviewed by Laurie A. Baty

Thompson, Lost Films: Important Films That Disappeared, McGreevey and Yeck, Our Movie Heritage, and Murphy, Television and Video Preservation 1997: A Study of the Current state of American Television and Video Preservation: Report of the Librarian of Congress
Reviewed by Donald W. Jackanicz

Buck and Gilmore, eds., The New Museum Registration Methods, and Davidson and Lukow, eds., The Administration of Television Newsfilm and Videotape Collections: A Curatorial Manual
Reviewed by Douglas Stark

Hjorland, Information Seeking and Subject Representation: An Activity-Theoretical Approach to Information Science
Reviewed by Helen R. Tibbo

Volume 62 • Number 2 • Fall 1999

Pease Award

Retrieval of Archival Finding Aids Using World Wide Web Search Engines
Kathleen Feeney


Literacy, Documents, and Archives in the Ancient Athenian Democracy
James Sickinger

The Impact of Grantsmaking: An Evaluation of Archival and Records Management Programs at the Local Level
David M. Weinberg

Preserving Anthropology's Heritage: CoPAR, Anthropological Records, and the Archival Community
Nancy J. Parezo

Archives in Controversy: The Press, the Documentaries, and the Byrd Archives
Raimund Goerler

Abstractions of Justice: The Library of Congress's Great Manuscript Robbery, 1896-1897
Aaron D. Purcell

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