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American Archivist


Volume 61 • Number 1 • Spring 1998

From the Editor

A New Era for the American Archivist
Philip B. Eppard

Presidential Address

The Society: From Birth to Maturity
Nicholas C. Burckel
Pease Award
Providing Subject Access to Images: A Study of User Queries
Karen Collins


Arthur Agarde, Elizabethan Archivist:
His Contributions to the Evolution of Archival Practice

Maggie Yax

Information Resource Management in the Electronic Workplace:
A Personal Perspective on "Archives in the Information Society"

Richard M. Kesner

Harnessing the Power of Warrant
Wendy M. Duff

Doing What's Possible with what We've Got:
Using the World Wide Web to Integrate Archival Functions

Jean-Stephen Piche

CSS Alabama Digital Collection: A Special Collections Digitization Project
Andrea Watson, with P. Toby Graham

An Exploration of K-12 User Needs for Digital Primary Source Materials
Anne J. Gilliland-Swetland

Special Collections Repositories at Association of Research Libraries Institutions: A Study of Current Practices in Preservation Management
Tyler O. Walters, in association with Ivan E. Hanthorn

Preservation Re-Recording of Audio Recordings in Archives:
Problems, Priorities, Technologies, and Recommendations

Christopher Ann Paton

Review Essay

Going Postal
Peter J. Wosh

Volume 61 • Number 2 • Fall 1998


Presidential Address
Archives, Archivists, and Society
William J. Maher


"Commendatory Letters": An Archival Reading of the Venerable Bedex
James M. O'Toole

Tracking Intelligence Information: The Office of Strategic Services
Jennifer Davis Heaps

Schellenberg in Cyberspace
Linda J. Henry

Developing a Strategy for Managing Electronic Records:
The Findings of the Indiana University Electronic Records Project
Philip B. Bantin

Diplomatics: Modern Archival Method or Medieval Artifact
Susan E. Storch

Historical Recourses in the Local Church:
A Field Report on a Largely Gay and Lesbian Congregation

W. Bernard Lukenbill

The Applicability of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
to Archival Properties and Objectives

Jane Greenberg

Archival MARC Records and Finding Aids in the
Context of End-User Subject Access to Archival Collections

Rita L. H. Czech

Developing International Cataloging Standards for Archival Holdings:
Rosarkhiv-RLG-Hoover Project, 1994-1997

Natasha Lyandres and Olga Leontieva

Review Essay

“Clothing Facts in Words”: Archivists and the Holocaust (PDF; 6.57 MB)
Jeffrey Mifflin

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