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ECURE 2002 Conference Call for Proposals


Dynamic speakers and presentations are sought for the ECURE 2002 conference, an international, interdisciplinary and interactive event taking place in October 2002. ECURE is the principal North American conference for wide-ranging discussion of the full spectrum of issues impacting academic electronic records today and tomorrow. The conference is attended by college and university administrators, faculty and others interested in recordkeeping issues.

Proposals will be accepted through March 15, 2002 on legal issues, policymaking, standards, planning, management, training, best practices, and case studies. Subject areas include, but are not limited to: distance education, research data, metadata and cataloguing, storage, migration, security, e-mail, portal sites, disaster planning and recovery/business continuity, international research and development projects, system security and data integrity, federal mandates (ADA, Copyright, HIPA, OMB-A110) and university-specific e-records projects.

ECURE is sponsored by Arizona State University, with the support of ProQuest Information and Learning, and is held annually in the Phoenix metro area.

For further information, and to see presentations from previous conferences, visit the ECURE Web site,

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