Applicant Information

While published research agendas will not determine selection, applicants may wish to consult the following research agendas and articles when conceiving their projects. Please keep in mind that preference will be given to those applications with a focus on electronic records.

General research agendas and articles:

Frank G. Burke, "The Future Course of Archival Theory in the United States," American Archivist 44 (Winter 1981):40-46.

Carolyn Clark, "The Status of Research and Techniques in Archival Conservation," Midwestern Archivist 3, no. 1 (1978):13-24.

Richard J. Cox, "An Analysis of Archival Research, 1970-92, and the Role and Function of The American Archivist," American Archivist 57 (Spring 1994):278-88.

Richard J. Cox and Helen W. Samuels, "The Archivist's First Responsibility: A Research Agenda to Improve the Identification and Retention of Records of Enduring Value," American Archivist 51 (Winter-Spring 1988):28-42.

Lawrence Dowler, "The Role of Use in Defining Archival Practice and Principles: A Research Agenda for the Availability and Use of Records," American Archivist 51 (Winter-Spring, 1988):74-86.

Paul H. McCarthy, "The Management of Archives: A Research Agenda," American Archivist 51 (Winter-Spring 1988):52-69.

For the needs of research into electronic records issues, see:

Electronic Records Research and Development: Final Report of the 1996 Conference held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, June 28-29, 1996. Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1997.

Margaret Hedstrom, "Understanding Electronic Incunabula: A Framework for Research on Electronic Records," American Archivist 54 (Summer 1991):334-54.

"NHPRC: Research Issues in Electronic Records," http://monitor.nara.gov/nhprc/eragenda.html, June 1991.

Research Issues in Electronic Record: Report of the Working Meeting. St. Paul: published for the National Historical Publications and Records Commission by the Minnesota Historical Society, 1991.

For an overview of the research conducted by Fellows participating in the Research Fellowship for the Study of Modern Archives program, see:

Bentley Historical Library, A Decade of Sponsored Research: The Research Fellowship Program for Study of Modern Archives. Ann Arbor: Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, 1994.


Last edited: July 2001