Having been selected as a Fellow in the NHPRC-funded Archival Research Fellowship program and upon entering into this contract with the Massachusetts Historical Society, I agree to meet the commitments of the NHPRC fellowship award and understand my obligations to be the following:


  • I agree to wide public distribution of a summary of my research, for example via the SAA web site.

  • I will attend an orientation meeting in Boston in June of the year my award is to begin.

  • I will submit six-month and final reports of my research progress and results.

  • I will present a paper on my research progress and results at the annual symposium to be held in June of the year following my award.

  • I will make every effort to present the findings of my research at professional venues such as the SAA annual meeting.

  • I will make every effort within eighteen months of the end of the fellowship to have an article on my fellowship research work published in a print or electronic refereed professional journal or other appropriate vehicle.

  • I will acknowledge in all papers or publication that result from my findings that my research was funded all or in part by an NHPRC archival research fellowship.


Signature: ________________________________________ Fellow

Date: __________________________


Signature: ________________________________________ Director, Massachusetts Historical Society

Date: __________________________


Last edited: January 2002