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And in Other Advocacy Efforts….


SAA’s Council recently approved actions on several issues of importance to archives and archivists:

  • Sent a letter to the editor of the New York Times in support of Archivist of the US Weinstein’s decision to place a moratorium on reclassification of NARA records that previously had been released to the public.
  • Agreed to join an amicus curiae brief before the California Supreme Court on a case that could set a precedent for indefinite liability of archives and libraries for potentially libelous statements in oral histories.
  • Submitted an application (prepared by SAA’s Intellectual Property Working Group) to participate in a public roundtable to address proposed changes to Section 108 of the Copyright law, which grants libraries and archives an exemption to make copies for preservation purposes.
  • Signed on to Congressional testimony on a proposal to amend Copyright law to address rights to “orphan works” (ie, those for which the owner cannot be identified or located).

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