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1990s Issues added to American Archivist Online


Read key archives articles from that 1990s at American Archivist Online. All 36 issues from that decade have been posted to the website. Here’s your chance to dive into John Fleckner’s eloquent presidential address, “Dear Mary Jane: Some Reflections on Being an Archivist” (Winter 1991); James O’Toole’s “The Symbolic Significance of Archives” (Spring 1993); the special issues on EAD, guest edited by Jackie Dooley and featuring an encoded Big Bird on the cover (Summer and Fall 1997); Peter Wosh’s award-winning review essay “Going Postal” (Spring 1998); as well as explore hundreds of other articles. A total of 20 volumes (1990 through 2009 to date) of the American Archivist are now available online. All of the back issues of the journal are being digitized and more will be added throughout the fall.