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Preconference Events

DC 2006: Joint Annual Meeting of NAGARA, COSA, and SAA

Washington, D.C.
July 30-August 5, 2006
Hilton Washington


Great Ideas! InfoExpo

What is the Great Ideas! InfoExpo?

The Great Ideas! InfoExpo at DC 2006 will provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer information sharing among archivists, repositories, archival associations, and other organizations about programs and projects of great interest to the archival community nationwide.

The DC 2006 Great Ideas! InfoExpo will focus on three topical areas:

  • Diversity
  • Archives Week/Month
  • Disaster Planning and Preparedness

The InfoExpo will run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Thursday through Saturday, August 3-5.

How is the Great Ideas! InfoExpo different from the Exhibit Hall?

The InfoExpo is designed to supplement, not replace, the Exhibit Hall, in which space can be purchased. The display space for the InfoExpo will be modest in size and shared by many participants. Organizations or repositories that would like to mount a substantial display about their programs should consider purchasing a booth in the Exhibit Hall, which will be open on Thursday evening, August 3, and all day Friday, August 4.

How will InfoExpo exhibits be displayed?

The Great Ideas! InfoExpo exhibits will be set up in the hallway between the main exhibition area and the education session rooms. This will maximize visibility and encourage viewing by a large number of conference attendees.

Because the hallway is fairly narrow and we cannot put materials on the wall the displays will be limited to materials that can be placed on table-tops. We may be able to use a few easels and/or standing dividers.

Each theme will be limited to two six-foot tables and each table will have to accommodate materials from numerous organizations. The organizing committees for each theme may have to limit the amount of material from any one organization or rotate materials during the run of the InfoExpos.

In addition, the materials submitted for display must be clearly labeled and be largely self-explanatory because space constraints will not allow presenters to sit at or easily stand near the tables. No electrical outlets or additional lighting will be available.

How will materials be selected for display in the Great Ideas! InfoExpo?

Organizing committees are working to develop appropriate and representative displays for each of the topics.

The Diversity InfoExpo is being coordinated by SAA Staff with input from the SAA Diversity Committee and select sections and roundtables. Contact Brian Doyle (SAA Director of Member & Technical Services) to find out more about the Diversity InfoExpo plans.

The Archives Week/Month InfoExpo is being coordinated by representatives from the SAA Reference, Access, and Outreach (RAO) Section with input from regional archival associations and state historical records advisory boards (SHRABs) that have active Archives Week/Month programs. They welcome contributions from any organization that would like to display posters, photographs, promotional items, or other items from their recent Archives Week or Month activities. Find out more about how your organization can participate in the Archives Week/Month InfoExpo .

The Emergency Planning and Preparedness InfoExpo will feature several initiatives designed to respond to last year’s devastating hurricanes, heighten awareness about the importance of disaster planning and preparedness, and help institutions develop their own plans as well as coordinate with other archival organizations in their states and regions.

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SAA thanks the following DC 2006 sponsors for their generous support:

2006 International Archives & Information Technology Exposition Exhibitor List