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Preconference Events

DC 2006: Joint Annual Meeting of NAGARA, COSA, and SAA

Washington, D.C.
July 30-August 5, 2006
Hilton Washington


About the DC 2006 Program

Funkmaster George Clinton once said of the eccentric jazz musician Sun Ra, “He’s out to lunch, but we eat at the same place.” The“ same place” for members of the Council of State Archivists, the National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators, and the Society of American Archivists (CoSA, NAGARA, and SAA) is DC 2006: The Joint Annual Meeting, where archivists of all stripes can get together — perhaps even for lunch!

As the first Joint Annual Meeting of our three organizations, DC 2006 offers unlimited chances to broaden our perspectives, learn something different, and meet someone new.

The DC 2006 Program Committee took some chances, with representatives of all three organizations reviewing a record 143 proposals and selecting something for everyone — and especially some things that are new. The program emphasizes our common interests (that is, what all archivists and records managers face) as well as topics that represent our unique concerns. And it reflects the vision of the Joint Conference organizers by offering many sessions whose speaker lineup provides a blend of different types of archivists who are tackling the same issues.

Although there is no overall theme for the conference, the program corresponds readily to the topics of each day’s plenary sessions: Technology, Public Awareness, and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery. Because developments in information technology affect all archivists on one level or another, many sessions will tackle such core issues as electronic records, description systems, and digitization. And because these challenges are almost always too daunting to be solved by individual institutions, there is a clear bent toward developing and fostering collaborations.

The pressing need to raise public awareness of, and to advocate for, archival programs, missions, and initiatives can be seen in a multitude of sessions that delve into the roles that archives play in society. These sessions address national funding initiatives, government secrecy, and outreach programs, among other topics. Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend two Council of State Archivists “ incubator” sessions, which offer everyone the opportunity to contribute to some initiatives that could shape how archival programs of all kinds, in every state, are perceived and supported.

The catastrophic effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have put disaster preparedness on the front burner of archival consciousness. In addition to a plenary session on this topic, two consecutive sessions will address the impact of the hurricanes on archives, libraries, and museums and cover the lessons learned from dealing with these tragedies. We will also have a session that focuses on the broader concern of recapturing the history and culture of New Orleans — the city that hosted the SAA Annual Meeting so magnificently last August.

We’re excited to continue a “new tradition,” begun at last year’s SAA conference, of providing a track of four “Archives Seminars” that provide in-depth examinations and discussions of complex topics. This year’s line-up features seminars on the “Archives for Justice” initiative; the problems and possibilities associated with digital history and collections; the challenges of developing partnerships for digital preservation; and advanced archival management. Although the high volume of excellent proposals received by the Program Committee necessitated that SAA’s “Archives Unplugged” series take a year off, there is no shortage of programming geared at an introductory level, including sessions on copyright, replevin, and internships.

Due to both the high quality and the large number of proposals for one-hour special focus sessions, the Program Committee decided to devote one time slot exclusively to this session type, which allows speakers to present a current research project or practical initiative. The formats for these sessions encourage audience feedback, so be prepared to participate in stimulating discussions on a variety of topics such as documenting the disabled, teaching with primary sources, and providing professional expertise to local government archives and historical societies.

As befits a conference held in our nation’s Capital City, representation from the international archives community will be extensive enough that we might hold our own Archival Olympics! Archivists from Canada, Australia, China, South Africa, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Puerto Rico, and England will participate in sessions that cover a myriad of topics, including archival education, the cultural condition of archives, the “new” International Council on Archives, and handling of case files.

The program also showcases the continuing focus on diversity issues in the archives and records profession, with sessions on protocols for handling Native American materials in archives and libraries, discovering and describing records related to Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered history, and the history of African-Americans in Washington, DC.

And if all that isn’t enough…. come learn about Yizkor books, the pharmakon, blogs, fallen politicians, and so much more!

The DC 2006 Program Committee members worked hard and well to pull together this outstanding program, and we are deeply in their debt. Drawn from the three sponsoring organizations, members served as a microcosm of the Joint Conference, putting aside differences to reach a broad consensus on the best direction
for the program. Committee members enjoyed putting this together, learning from each other, and getting a taste of all the different things that we archivists do.

We think you’ll enjoy the program, too — as well as the many other opportunities for meeting, learning, and growing as professionals that the Host Committee and conference organizers are planning.

Please join us August 2 - 5 for DC 2006, the first-ever Joint Annual Meeting of NAGARA, CoSA, and SAA!

Bob Horton and Tom Hyry, Co-Chairs
2006 Program Committee

Robert Horton, Co-Chair
Minnesota Historical Society

Tom Hyry, Co-Chair
Yale University Library

Margaret O. Adams
National Archives and Records Administration

Marisa Bourgoin
Corcoran Gallery of Art

Brenda Banks
Georgia Archives

Terry Baxter
Multnomah County (Oregon) Archives

Michael Bullington, CA
McDonalds Corp

Deborah Dandridge
Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas

F. Gerald Handfield
Washington State Archives

Brenda Lawson
Massachusetts Historical Society

Michelle Light
University of Washington

Candace Loewen
National Archives of Canada

Barbara Teague
Kentucky Department of Library and Archives

Victoria Irons Walch
Council of State Archivists

Danna Bell-Russel
Library of Congress
(Ex officio -- SAA 2007 Program Committee Co-Chair)

Becky Haglund Tousey, CA
Kraft Foods, Inc
(Ex officio -- SAA 2007 Program Committee Co-Chair)

NAGARA, CoSA, and SAA Thank the DC 2006 Program Committee!

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SAA thanks the following DC 2006 sponsors for their generous support:

2006 International Archives & Information Technology Exposition Exhibitor List