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Make An Impact! Contest


Make an Impact! Contest Winners

SAA congratulates the winners of the 2009 American Archives Month Make an Impact! Contest. "Did You Know Your Grandmother Was a Beauty Queen?" submitted by the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library of the Denver Public Library, received the most votes for Best Poster to Promote 2009 Archives Month/Week, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Chapter of SAA won for Best Successfully Implemented Campaign for its class project. Browse all entries below. Thanks to everyone who submitted entries and to all who voted. Together, we can make an impact!

Check out last year's contest winners here or how the Georgia State Archives used a survey to demonstrate the value of an archives as a tourist destination here.


Entries for Best Poster to Promote 2009 Archives Month/Week

  1. Did You Know Your Grandmother Was a Beauty Queen?
    Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library (BCL)
    Denver Public Library
    Denver, CO

    Digitized collection on Flickr, Denver Public Library Western History and Genealogy Department (WHG)

  3. Kentucky Archives Month
    Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives,
    Kentucky State Historical Records Advisory Board,
    Kentucky Council on Archives


  5. To Choose Our Better History
    Virginia Archives Month Committee,
    Library of Virginia,
    Virginia Caucus of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC),
    Library of Virginia Foundation,
    Virginia State Historical Records Advisory Board

    Archives Month in Virginia

  7. Scrapbook Wisconsin
    Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board (WHRAB),
    Wisconsin Historical Society


  9. Celebrate American Archives Month!
    Smithsonian Institution

  11. "I have so much to tell you...."
    Mississippi Archives Month
    Mississippi Department of Archives and History,
    Mississippi Historical Records Advisory Board,
    Society of Mississippi Archivists

    Society of Mississippi Archivists 2009 Archives Month

  13. No matter how you get there...Visit your local Archives
    Jesse White, Secretary of State and State Archivist,
    Illinois State Archives,
    Illinois State Historical Records Advisory Board,
    Chicago Area Archivists

    Illinois Archives Month, October 2009

  15. Reflecting the Dutch Heritage of Albany and Its Presence in American Records
    University at Albany Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists


  17. Tough Times in a Tough Land
    Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records
    Arizona Historical Records Advisory Board

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Entries for Best Successfully Implemented Campaign

  1. University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Students of LIS 754: Archives User Services and Outreach,
    UW-Madison Student Chapter of SAA

    Full Project Description

    Summary: In the fall of 2008, the Archives and Records Administration students at the University of WisconsinóMadison School of Library and Information Studies first launched an outreach campaign in celebration of American Archives Month. Led by students enrolled in Dr. Ciaran Trace's "Archives User Services and Outreach" class, the project revolved around the creation, development, and marketing of a blog centered on a specific topic or theme. The topic for October 2008 was the dissemination of information "about the various institutions around the state that act to preserve and make available for use the records of Wisconsin's rich heritage." The blog proved to be such a success that it continued again in 2009.

    This Make an Impact! contest submission for Best Successfully Implemented Campaign describes the topic of our blog, briefly explains the information gathering and advertising strategies we used to populate and market our blog, and reports statistics and other data on visits to the blog.

  3. Smithsonian Institution
    Archives of American Gardens
    Washington, D.C.

    Full Project Description

    Summary:The Smithsonian Institutionís Archives of American Gardens (AAG) celebrated American Archives Month by reaching out to the general public as well as a targeted audience of garden professionals to raise awareness about the Archives' holdings and the importance of archival resources in general. Given the popularity and impact demonstrated by examples from other Smithsonian photographic collections on Flickr Commons, AAG staff uploaded an inaugural selection of images of historic glass lantern slides from the Garden Club of America Collection in celebration of American Archives Month.

    In addition to posting to Flickr, archives staff crafted a simple blast email announcement (see Full Project Description link above) using the sample press release provided by SAA online. They compiled a distribution list of editors of garden magazines with online versions and also targeted garden history and garden enthusiast bloggers from across the country. As a result, the Archives' announcement made it into several online venues, including the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) Newsletter for October, the Garden Design Magazine Blog (, and Twitter (, to name a few.
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Entries for Best "Astonishing Idea"


No entries received.


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