American Archives Month 2008
Picture This! Contest Winners


Best "Successfully Implemented Campaign"
Indiana University Libraries

Each year since 2006, Indiana University Libraries has chosen a theme for its Archives Month program that reflects an area of strength in the libraries’ archives holdings. The libraries build a program of lectures, forums, performances, or exhibits that highlights the theme and the collections for each year. The judges admired Indiana University’s strong definition of its campus and community audiences, the creative program ideas, and the sustainability of the Archives Month program from year to year.

Best “Astonishing Idea” for Archives Month
University of Wyoming: American Heritage Center

American Heritage Center (AHC) proposes bus tours of local or regional archives for senior citizens during Archives Month. Selecting an audience that takes advantage of bus tours for leisure, entertainment, and education, AHC recommends this idea as a way to introduce people to archives and to raise awareness of archives among the public. It suggests that with enough advance planning and outreach, tours could take senior citizens from a retirement or community center to different archives in a local area. At the archives, the seniors could get a behind-the-scenes look at how an archives operates, hear lectures about specific collections, see exhibits, enjoy time to examine collections, and even have a reception with refreshments. The judges liked this idea and agreed that it clearly defined an audience and provided a viable way to build awareness of archives and appreciation of the value of historical records.

Description (PDF)

Best Poster for American Archives Month
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center

The Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center participates in New Mexico’s statewide Archives Month program. For 2008, it developed a program based on a collection of historical images it owns. The poster that announces the exhibit has an excellent design, in the judges’ views. They also concluded that the poster communicates a clear message about an Archives Month program. The Health Sciences Library also worked out a solid plan for distributing the poster to a well-conceived campus audience. The library will use elements of the poster design in flyers and bookmarks as well.

Poster (PDF)

While selecting the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center as the Best Poster winner, the judges also commended the Idaho State Historical Society’s entry for its eye-catching images and excellent distribution plan, and the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists’ poster for its outreach to school-age children.


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